Comprehensive Digital Marketing for your Business!

All the necessary tools and knowledge of AI to promote your business in the modern online space market.


From market analysis to advertising campaign optimization, we employ a variety of promotional techniques to ensure successful outcomes. For us, achieving measurable results is more crucial than merely establishing an advertising account.

Analyze-Test-Analyze-Maximize the result.

Creating Auto Sales Funnels

We utilize cutting-edge tools, including chatbot sales and AI, to optimize sales outcomes.
We build profitable marketing on

Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, TikTok, email newsletters, etc.

Website development

We develop comprehensive e-commerce websites for your enterprise. What are your objectives?

We will identify the optimal solution for you!

Tilda, Bitrix24, WordPress, Webflow

Our services

We offer an array of digital marketing services.


Conducting a competitive analysis to evaluate the advantages and limitations of both your enterprise and rivals, while also investigating your target audience.


Incorporation of API for seamless integration of services within your website, streamlining interactions between clients and staff..


Tailored sales propositions for the intended demographic, and promotional text.
Producing content for your brand


Execution of advertising initiatives involving the creation of captivating content to enhance brand awareness.

digital marketing

At the core of our digital marketing approach is a commitment to learning and evolving alongside your user base.


Our mission is to identify and utilize the most effective methods and tools in the field of digital marketing.
We design customer engagement processes that align with your business objectives.
We take into consideration all business requirements and aim to optimize competitive advantages.
Our mission is to deliver the results that your business requires. We are committed to achieving this objective.

Our Team

Kriksman Andrei

Kriksman Andrei

Founder & CEO

The founder of the company. Chief Executive Officer.
Digital Marketing Manager.

Elena Turnova

Elena Turnova

Marketing Direktor

Director of the Marketing Department. The main performer of advertising strategies.

Artific Intelegence

Artific Intelegence

Content expert

Experienced content creator with expertise in a wide range of topics.



Freelance platform

We collaborate with a team of seasoned specialists who excel at handling complex tasks and with whom we maintain an ongoing working relationship.

Why choose us Studio Base Design

User-Oriented Approach

Our user-centric approach centers on optimizing the customer experience. We prioritize the interests, goals, and objectives of your end users, which enables us to gain a deeper understanding of how they perceive your brand.


Effective communication is critical to successful marketing, both in our interactions with you, our customer, and in how your brand engages with your target audience. We believe that every aspect of the communication channel should be transparent and concise.

Effective marketing

Digital channels and advertising services offer measurable outcomes, and it is imperative for digital agencies to continuously enhance their services. As your digital marketing partner, we are committed to delivering high return on investment digital marketing solutions and to working tirelessly to achieve this goal.

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